At SMC, we deal with a large variety of issues in the field of governance and strategy.
SMC does not believe in one-size-fits-all, but distinguishes itself by offering high-quality, customized advice.

Strategy realization

The value of a strategy is determined
by the quality of the execution.
The behavior of both leaders and employees is
of decisive importance here.

Merger support

A merger is a complex change process with a high failure rate.

Integrity and compliance

Companies and institutions perform better through value-oriented leadership and a strong focus on purpose. Structured attention to ethics and integrity in the boardroom is a prerequisite.

Organization of governance and top structure

In a rapidly changing business environment, adequate organization of the governance and top structure is vital.

Board Effectiveness and Self-evaluation

The success of organizations depends largely on the effectiveness of the board. A board is effective when it is able to translate the strategy into concrete goals, the desired behavior and the management of work processes and organization in which the board has an eye for the culture and history  of the organization.