Merger support

Have the right people take the right steps

A merger is a complex change process with a high risk of failure. Support is created when the right people take the right steps at the right time. If this is successful, integration will run smoothly, and more synergy benefits will be gained. Good advisory services for mergers therefore distinguish themselves by adopting a sense of timing, detail and prioritization and the ability to empathize with the cultures merging. In addition, the involvement of managers and stakeholders must be promoted by convincing them that they will soon be better together.

What is our approach?

Our role within the merger process is focused on substantive guidance and process management on the level of supervision, the board, and the organization. For that matter we distinguish between a legal and an organizational trajectory. These processes are dependent on each other but can progress at a different pace. Timing is critical when it comes to mergers. Our way of working is characterized by focusing on the three success factors of mergers which we believe are critical.

Organizations and their leaders should feel ownership of the process. That is why we (where possible) place the implementation with the merger partners. On balance, doing it yourself gives the best results. In addition, this will contribute to support and facilitates the control of costs of the merger. Managers and professionals must prove themselves to each other, ánd to the people around them. They can do so by playing an active role in the merger process. After all, no one has a better understanding of what is going on in the outside world and in the workplace, and how to best arrange things. It also gives them the opportunity to develop themselves quickly. Our third starting point is that the project structure must be clear, facilitating cooperation, and in line with the management model to be chosen.

How can we help you?

If you are considering starting a merger process, we are open to discuss the possibilities for a tailor-made solution. A solution that fits your organization, the phase of the merger, and the context in which your organization operates.