Organization of governance and top structure

Restructuring corporate governance

In a rapidly changing business environment, adequate organization and restructuring of the governance and top structure is vital. Many different factors must be taken into account in the design. Examples are: the legal form to be chosen, the interests of owners and stakeholders, the potential for change and innovation, the organization’s size, the vision and perseverance of the current leadership, the specific characteristics of the culture, and of course the relationship with the environment. Good corporate governance requires organizational customization that constantly adapts to the strategic goals and addresses the requirements of the environment in which the organization operates.

What is our approach?

We take a proactive approach towards our client’s thought process on the strategic principles, design criteria, potential management and control alternatives, and which option is the most suitable. We prefer to do this in dialogue, while setting the standards based on our experience and expertise. As experts in governance issues, we connect theory and application, content and process, and strategy and execution in a way that it fits the organization’s specific characteristics and the environment in which it operates.

How can we help you?

We are looking forward to get in contact with you in order to find out how we can contribute to the restructuring of your organization’s governance and top structure.