Coaching for DNB assessment interview

Prevent reputational damage by false negative

DNB requires that nominated directors of financial institutions are screened on their suitability for the position and their integrity. The assessment takes account of the nature, size, complexity and risk profile of the institution, as well as the composition and functioning of the collective. It is a complex process that requires good preparation and guidance to avoid delay or worse – unnecessary rejection.

What is our approach?

We, as advisers at SMC, have experience as supervisory board member or director of financial institutions, so we know about the inevitable uncertainties associated with such a procedure. We also bring practical experience to the table as a sparring partner of directors and supervisors in strategy realization, management and governance issues.

Our aim is to minimize the chance of a false negative, an incorrect rejection based on incorrect assumptions or interpretations. This requires good preparation and coaching prior to the DNB screening.

Based on your portfolio – consisting of your CV, the completed suitability matrix, the business plan, the screening of public sources, and relevant other documents – we will prepare you for the process followed by DNB. We identify possible bottlenecks and coach you to show the best of yourself. In an in-depth session, moderated by two of our partners, each with their own approach and their own competences, a mock interview is held, in order to prepare for the screening. As feedback, we provide you with our key recommendations to convince your reviewers of your suitability for the position.

How can we help you?

Are you a nominated director of a financial institution and are you going to be screened soon? We would like to offer you a good preparation and guidance for this complex process.