Design of integrity infrastructure

From ticking off to self-correcting good conduct

Companies and institutions perform better through integrity and value-oriented leadership. Structured attention to ethics and integrity in the boardroom is a precondition. Behavior at the top presents a standard for that of the lower hierarchical layers and is a precondition for changing ticking off behavior into an embedded system in which people feel personally responsible for the due care, purity and correctness of their own actions.

What is our approach?

We opt for a multidisciplinary approach. We adopt a keen eye, participate by tagging along, map the perspectives from all hierarchical layers, and do desk research. We approach the problem on three levels; on a personal level, in a team and as an organization. We share our observations with the client. In this way, we arrive at interpretations that form the basis for a layered approach to change.

The tone at the top is of decisive importance in integrity issues in particular. No moral high ground without moral leadership. This requires executives to reflect more on their own moral sensitivity, to have more knowledge about how to prevent breaches of integrity and to know how to act if a situation does arise. We activate people to change themselves and create the preconditions and goals for this.

Our approach is tentative and iterative. We show that we also do not always know in advance what we will find, and what the research and supervision process will look like. In consultation with the client (or a support group), we try things out and rely on our understanding which grows during the process. We examine where the organization stands and what it can handle, and on this basis we decide on the next step(s). If desired, we integrate our approach into a broad cultural change program.

How can we help you?

We are keen to engage in a conversation in which we can exchange thoughts about the current situation of your organization and the realization of self-correcting good conduct.

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