Executive Coaching

Mirror your vulnerabilities

Executive Coaching guides and supports the development process of top managers, executive and supervisory directors. It is a professional sounding board for them, where they show their vulnerabilities in a discrete and safe context. Our executive coach is a sparring partner who acts at the same level and can therefore better empathize with your situation.

The reasons to opt for coaching differ. Sometimes we are hired because of major changes in the professional life, private life or work-home interference of the management professional. Sometimes he or she has the feeling that they are getting stuck or need an independent sounding board to share uncertainties or mirror growth. There are also many executives and non-executives who see coaching as a sign of professionalism and consider it a proactive investment in their leadership skills.

What is our approach?

The focus in individual coaching is on dealing with pressure, stress, preventing burnout phenomena, influencing effectively, setting limits and dealing with resistance and conflict, and increasing the capacity for strategic thinking. If desired, this form of coaching also focuses on gaining a better insight into one’s own motives, competences, ambitions, career wishes, development opportunities, and dealing with personal pitfalls and obstacles.

In team coaching, we focus on improving team effectiveness and achieving goals and objectives in the areas of communication, collaboration, connection and involvement. When offering corporate coaching, we help align the organization with its own core values ​​and vision, and how leadership should execute this.

Together with the client, we look for the best match between coachee and coach. Based on an intake interview, it is determined whether their personalities match and whether the coach is able to help with the jointly defined coaching need.

How can we help you?

We are keen to figure out how our offering with regard to coaching can help you in the areas of personal and professional development, as well as with the development process of your team and organization.