Erik van der Zee

Erik is an economist and business expert with many years of experience as a consultant in the financial sector. He is a passionate professional with extensive knowledge in the fields of IT and compliance.

Erik was a leading partner of consulting at Financial Services at PwC. There he worked with leading banks and insurers on strategy determination and operationalization, merger integration and regulatory compliance. Exploiting digitization and improving the (IT) processes are important aspects of this. Erik also has extensive international management experience in professional services, including at IBM. At this company, he was involved in current technological developments and global management of organizations. Erik studied economics and business administration at Erasmus University and Stanford Business School. He is involved in education and research at both universities.

At SMC, Erik uses his knowledge and experience to advise clients in the professional services and financial sectors on the effective execution of strategies, creating customer value, taking into account rules and regulations. Customers particularly appreciate Erik because of his knowledge, practical solutions and dedication.