Boardroom Dynamics

Know the behavioral dynamics in your boardroom

The interrelationships in the boardroom have a major impact on the quality of judgment and decision-making – and therefore also on the effectiveness of the management and an organization’s social value . Boardroom Dynamics offers insight into the relationships around influencing, and how they affect mutual trust, sensitivity to conflict and decision-making. The SMC method searches for the right mix of personalities, competences, expertise and experience.

What is our approach?

Boardrooms are not always showing exemplary behavior. Communication is often inadequate, manipulative and dominant behavior is displayed, egos are large, leading to superiority and arrogance, disrespectful behavior, lack of empathy, concealment or lack of commitment and responsibility. As an executive you will recognize such behavior in your environment and sometimes you even see it in yourself.

By identifying these dysfunctional dynamics in time and devoting attention to them, a lot of misery can be prevented. It is even better to proactively pay attention to the mutual relationships and improve the quality of decision-making in the boardroom with measures promoting diversity.

We support directors and supervisory boards who wish to invest in the quality of supervision and management. We are committed to delivering concrete areas for improvement and tools for further development, with which efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making and strategy achievement can be improved. Certain circumstances may give rise to the evaluation of your board. We also make recommendations for a diverse composition of the executive and supervisory bodies, in line with the political and social views on putting talents to the best use.

How can we help you?

Are you curious as to where you stand with regard to the (underlying) dynamics in your boardroom? If that is the case, we are looking forward to engaging in a conversation in order to come up with a customized advice.


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