Facilitation of Supervisory Board self-evaluation

More effective through self-critical assessment

Self-evaluations are a useful tool to assess and improve the effectiveness of supervisory boards. At SMC we have extensive experience with board evaluations. In an open dialogue, the functioning of the board in its supervisory capacity, and as a sounding board is assessed. Furthermore, the cooperation with the management board and the relationships with internal and external stakeholders, are assessed, as well as the expectations and achievements are compared.

What is our approach?

We start the process by an intake, with the chairman of the Supervisory Board and possibly other members of the Supervisory Board as well, in which the most important topics for the self-evaluations and the form the process will take are identified.

In preparation for the self-evaluation meeting, in-depth background discussions are held with all members of the Supervisory Board and with the company’s management. The findings are used as input for the discussion about the functioning of the Supervisory Board during the self-evaluation meeting.

In this session, of course, ample attention is paid to the subjects that the code prescribes for good corporate governance. Examples are: the functioning of the Board and the committees present (for audit, risk, remuneration and appointment), how the Supervisory Board fulfills its roles as supervisor, employer, sparring partner and networker, the quality of the meetings and the chairmanship, and whether the composition meets the quality and diversity requirements. We also focus on the themes specific to the supervised organization’s nature and size. How does the Supervisory Board view the organization’s culture, what is their impression of the dynamics at the top, and how large is the Supervisory Board’s involvement in the long-term value creation and the company’s position in the economy and society?

On the basis of the results of this open dialogue, a report is drawn up, setting out the main conclusions and measures to be taken. In this way, the compulsory self-assessment becomes a professional process often revealing previously unseen (or unspoken) improvement potential. We offer a customized advice and if necessary, we adjust our ways of working in such way it fits the needs of the Supervisory Board.

If desired, the questionnaires and reports of BoardResearch can be used during the self-evaluation. BoardResearch is subsidiary of SMC which helps Supervisory Boards and supervisors gain insights on the dynamics within a boardroom on the basis of a voluntary contribution. The questionnaires are scientifically grounded, and the data generated will be processed anonymously for the use of international academic research.

How can we help you?

We are keen to find out together how we can deploy the compulsory self-evaluation in such way it will improve the effectiveness of your Supervisory Board.